Client's Comments

Cinque Terre
Delightfully entertaining, Sparkling wits, Flavorful humor, Innovatively fun.
- Gary Tan, Citibank

Cinque Terre
Guthrie pays very close attention to detail and take extra care to be sure that everything goes well in an event. His masters in public speaking and ability to read the crowd, allows him to engage the crowd tactfully and have made the early morning event a seamless one!
- Chan Ai Ling, National Heart Centre of Singapore

Rapid Marine HVAC(Asia Pacific)
It has been a fun-filled and enjoyable evening for both our managements & staffs. Special thanks to our Emcee, Guthrie for his professionalism which kept everyone entertained throughout the whole event.
- Doreen Teo, Rapid Marine HVAC(Asia Pacific)

Cinque Terre